Smoky Quartz | The Grounding Candle

Smoky Quartz | The Grounding Candle

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Smoky Quartz 

Leave the past in the past and let this beautiful grounding stone help you move on from difficult or painful experiences. Smoky Quartz will remove negative or unwanted energy and can guide you toward a brighter future.


Coconut Lime

If you are a sunset chasing, beach loving wanderluster then this one is for you. A luxurious and fresh everyday classic that is the perfect balance of creamy coconut and zesty lime.


This delicious and addictive fragrance will transform any space into a rich profusion of flowers.

Frangipani & Lilly Pilly

This fragrance is a tropical blend of frangipani and lilly pilly with a soft undertone of musk and magnolias. 

Japanese Honeysuckle

An addictive sweet, floral fragrance that is one of our best selling from day one.

Lychee Guava

Sweet, vibrant and fresh. This fruity blend is sure to bring some tropical bliss to any space.


A fresh and zesty fragrance with a classic lemongrass allure.

Vanilla Caramel

A decadent and rich aroma, it will leave you feeling warm and luscious.


A refreshing, juicy and sweet aroma that has a true watermelon fragrance.


Finer Details

- 100% pure soy wax

- 100% cotton, lead free wicks

- Hand poured on the Gold Coast 


300g (one wick) approximate burn time over 40 hours if candle care is followed.

500g (two wicks) approximate burn time over 70 hours if candle care is followed.

850g (three wicks ) approximate burn time over 120 hours if candle care is followed.